Cornish wildflowers – Its Late April and the North Cornish coast seems to be dusted with wildflower snow.  The Camel Trail and Dennis hill are covered with the snowy white blossom of the Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa).  By autumn these white flowers will turn into the blue-black Sloe berry so good for making Sloe gin.

Lamium purpureum - Red Dead-nettle

Lamium purpureum – Red Dead-nettle

Get down close and have a look – the soft furry purple leaves of the Red Dead-nettle are stunning at the moment.

Lunaria annua - Honesty

Lunaria annua – Honesty

The pretty purple flowers of Honesty will turn into beautiful transparent pods by the autumn – much loved by flower arrangers.

Jo Midwinter is a garden designer based in Cornwall