Contemporary Family Garden – Feock

This contemporary home was designed by Lilly Lewarne Architects.  When their client was uncertain about how to develop the large garden, they suggested our involvement.  The garden needed to be in keeping with both the modern home and it’s more established surroundings.  At the same time it needed to meet the needs of a growing family, whilst giving the client an elegant place to relax.

In response to this brief we created a sylvan setting with rolling lawns dotted with groups of birches, cherry and white beam.  The concept was conveyed using a masterplan and 3d software, so that the clients could get a real feel for how the finished garden would work.

Dining and lounging terraces were built that reflected the geometric angles of the house.  Planting was concentrated in large rendered planters and beds close to the house so that the owners could get the maximum benefit with minimum maintenance.  A winding cycle track was created  on three sides of the garden and in the children’s garden a large flat circle of lawn was moulded from the existing slope to create an arena for ball games etc.

The project will continue to be developed as budget and time permits, but the family have already been enjoying the garden throughout 2017.