Family holiday by the sea

The brief of this garden was to create a garden for people on holiday to enjoy.   The existing family home was to be transformed by Atelier 3 and it was at their suggestion that  we became involved with the project.

Zones were needed for family gathering, playing football, intimate conversations and lively dogs.  The location was front-line on the north Cornish coast, so strong gales were a regular event and the planting had to be tough and salt tolerant.

A large terrace was created with areas for dining and lounging surrounded by textural evergreen planting with seasonal explosions of iris, agapanthus and Japanese anemone.  A side terrace became a charming spot for morning coffee surrounded by hydrangeas, foxgloves and fragrant climbers.  Existing boundaries of Euonymus japonicas were sculpted into billowing cloud forms and the borders edging the lawn were given real character by the use of grasses and perennials.