French-style garden in Falmouth - a relaxed place to dine surrounded by fragrance
French-style garden in Falmouth - an old watering can adds to the timeless, relaxed feel
French-style garden in Falmouth - old stone paving with creepers
A French-style garden in Falmouth - Myrtle is cloud-pruned to provide structure and reveal the bark
A French-style garden in Falmouth - fragrant roses and geraniums
A French-style garden in Falmouth - Olive trees and trellis improve the privacy

French-style garden in Falmouth

The new owners of this beautifully situated home in Falmouth inherited a difficult steeply sloping garden which was heavily overlooked by neighbours.  The brief was to improve privacy whilst re-thinking the layout to provide areas for dining and relaxing.

The clients required a strategy that would not over extend the budget.  With this in mind a rustic French style was settled upon to capitalise on the existing stone work, planting and the mild climate.

The original flight of steps which ran from the back door to the top of the garden were re-directed to create a more indirect route and leave space for a central private dining area.  Existing stonework was repaired and repointed.  Trellis panels from The Garden Trellis Company were used to further enhance privacy.

Awkwardly shaped shrubs such as the wonderful Myrtle were cloud pruned to reveal their rust coloured bark.  Structural plants such as olive and bay trees were introduced to improve the flow of the garden and maintain a winter presence.   Fragrant and romantic planting including roses, herbs, geraniums and white hydrangeas were used to soften the stonework and enhance the Mediterranean style of the garden.