Riverside – SGD 2015 Winner

This owners of this beautiful but steeply sloping coastal site wanted to create a simple and peaceful environment from which to enjoy their unique location.  The landscape also needed to complement their highly contemporary home clad with copper and concrete designed by Lily Lewarne Practice.

The top terrace is designed as and easy access multi-functional space for relaxing and entertaining.  Particularly requested was an astroturf lawn surface for the dogs and to provide an all year-round outdoor activity area.

Walking down the garden the client will move from the more ordered atmosphere of the terrace into the lower garden. The garden gradually becomes wilder freer and more naturalistic, whilst still incorporating some of the elements of the top terrace, so that there is still unity and cohesion.

With such stunning surrounding scenery it is important that the garden provides a relaxed and non-competitive environment from which to enjoy it. Carefully routed steps, retaining walls and placed boulders create a framework, whilst robust shrubs, and grasses are interwoven around them. Edges are blurred, giving the whole design a relaxed feel and meaning that maintenance is less demanding. The retreat with it’s verandah is a simple structure at home in its setting.  It’s a place to relax, read a book, and enjoy views over the estuary.