So pleased to be a SGD 2015 awards finalist  for the ‘Riverside’ project.  The winners will be announced at and awards dinner in January 2016.  So many great designers in the list of finalists.

Riverside is a design for a contemporary coastal home, situated on a steeply sloping site which drops down to a beach.  The space has to meet the needs of a busy young couple who enjoy an active and sociable outdoor life.  The garden has a top terrace that is easy to access and provides a multi-functional space for relaxing and entertaining.  Walking down to the steep lower garden the client moves form the more ordered atmosphere of the terrace and the space becomes freer and more naturalistic.

Creating comfortable and easy passage through the lower gardens was a vital to the enjoyment of the space.  Several routes were incorporated into the design – one allowed a safe but quick descent to the beach and another gave a more leisurely route through the garden.

The garden is situated in a stunningly beautiful environment and it has been important to ensure that the garden provides a relaxed and non-competitive environment from which to enjoy it.  More details to follow shortly.